Tips for Packing an RV for Full-Time Living

When preparing to move into an RV to travel full-time, one of the challenges you'll face is deciding what to bring in the RV. It is minimalism at it's finest and you'll definitely need as numerous tips for packing an RV for full-time living as you can get.

The entire process – selling items (sometimes even your house), putting different items in storage ("we will need that someday!"), putting aside what you need to bring in the RV and afterward cutting that down the middle… and into equal parts again. It ends up being considerably more difficult than you foresaw. We Googled, asked the advice from other full-clocks, and returned and forward on a lot of items. However, we still made some mistakes.

So we decided to compose a post to enable any newbie to full clocks out there who are in this very same struggle! Here are our tips:

1. You don't need as numerous RV supplies and apparatuses as you think!

Begin with the basic items needed to work the RV, which are wheel chocks, leveling obstructs a sewer hose, a new water hose, propane, and a tire inflator. You may also need/need additional accessories, for example, a tow bar, extra storage rack, solar boards, and so forth. Snap here to check out our full rundown here to see the specific items we use and love.

Abstain from bringing the items you could easily just purchase while out and about if you absolutely needed them, especially if your space is limited. It's easy to go overboard buying all sorts of accessories for the RV. We recommend getting the absolute minimum and afterward, you can always purchase more like you, if there are items you wish you had. It's a lot easier to do this then arrangement with the frustration of having a lot of packed in!

One of the biggest mistakes that we made was what number apparatuses we stuffed in the RV and truck! We are so tired of hauling around a cluster of stuff that we don't ever use. We, therefore, recommend you adhere to the basic devices (screwdrivers, drill, pincers, hammer and so forth). There's no reason to pull around forte apparatuses for that uncommon occasion or instance that you'll need it. You can always purchase or lease it!

2. Consider where you plan to remain/park most of the time

If you plan to "boondock" (a dry camp for nothing!) as often as conceivable, there will be things you'll need that you wouldn't really need while staying at RV parks. For boondocking, you might need more "camping supplies, for example, coolers, lamps, outside tables, and so forth. Peruse our Beginner's Manual for Boondocking for more information on

However, RV parks might be more your style, in which case you'll have space for other "bonus" items.instead of the traditional camping supplies. You might bring a propane fire pit (numerous RV parks don't allow some other kind of open-air fires, which we didn't have the foggiest idea!), a lounger, kayaks, or golf clubs!

3. Treat yourself to the comforts of home

We as a whole have those items that are our staples. You'll stay there and attempt to justify whether you should or should not bring them along. Our advice: BRING THEM! Prepare for them. Make it work! If they make your life easier/better, they deserve to make the cut. You don't even need to justify it. We are so glad we brought along the items that we cherish and have used for a considerable length of time, even however some of them may appear to be pointless when your space is limited.

4. What's more, last, your "everyday living" item

I realize clothes are the hardest to pack, especially for us ladies! This tends to differ for each person and will depend on the length of your trek, but I will say that you need to pack for all weather kinds. Regardless of where you are in the U.S., the weather can change rapidly! We were astonished by the temperatures in numerous spots. It once in a while appeared to be the weather we anticipated. Presently, this doesn't mean you need to bring everything in your closet.

Endeavor to limit yourself to 1 or 2 of each of the following items: coat/coat, bathing suit, sweatshirt, and warm-up pants, sneakers, and so forth. Find solid clothes that can pair well with numerous things. Individuals often allude to this as the "case" closet. While there are variations, the concept is to have around twelve staple bits of clothing in coordinating hues that can be worn often and interchangeably, thereby saving closet space but still giving you up to 30 or more different outfits. Google it and you'll find tons of resources to help!

Other household items

When it comes to washroom and kitchen items, my general advice is to bring 1-2 for each person in the RV. So things like towels, plates, cups/mugs, and so forth you won't need your standard full set of. Keep in mind, there isn't much sink space for grimy dishes and very little hamper space for filthy clothes and linens. Dishes are washed following use and towels are washed week by week, so there's really no need for spare items.

The rest is up to you

Everything else is basically up to your own discretion. If you can find a spot for it in the RV and think it will get used all the time, bring it! Just be wary of your RV's weight limits. You'll be VERY amazed at how rapidly weight can include.

You also don't need a mess. Ensure everything has a protected spot where it won't get broken during travel. Invest in tubs, baskets, and storage items that will enable you to remain sorted out. You definitely don't need your small space feeling even smaller because of all the items inside of it. I trust these tips help you minimize your items in request to amplify your experience! If you need more tips or suggestions for what to bring along in your RV, don't hesitate to send us a message. We're here to help.

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